The Harvy200, previously the Easy Harvester, is a harvesting tool developed based on practice by the Dutch Driessen brothers who grow their own blueberries. Due to it becoming increasingly difficult each year to find harvest labourers and the fact that picking by hand is very expensive, the brothers decided to develop this harvesting tool on their own. As opposed to mechanical over-the-row (OTR) harvesting machines, the Harvy200 has low investment costs and provides higher-quality berries. The patented system makes use of brushes to seal the bushes of in an extremely effective way, resulting in significantly less ground loss compared with OTR machines. Furthermore, the optional catching sheet ensures the berries land softly, preventing bruising.

Schematic drawing Harvy200


We deliver the Harvy200 pre-assembled, making it easy to put together. It is light and comes equipped with large wheels, so that it’s easy to move by hand. The smart articulated-arm construction ensures smooth transport of the collection trays to and from the plant. During this pincer movement, the plant is enclosed with brushes, so that the berries naturally roll into the crates. Full and empty crates can easily be switched and transported on the Harvy200.


  • Canvas, netting: we can equip the Harvy200 with a sheet to ensure a softer landing for the berries.
  • Transport aid: we also offer an attachment that lifts the Harvy200 on one side to ensure it can be coupled to a tractor or quad for easy transport.