• Automatically powered: the Harvy500 is powered by two energy-efficient electric motors. The speed can be adjusted over a wide range, from 100 to 700 metres per hour.
  • Automatically controlled: the machine navigates using probes that determine the position of the plants.
  • Level: the computer on board the Harvy500 ensures that the four wheels are continuously at the right height, so that the machine is perfectly vertical, regardless of the surface. At the same time, the load-bearing capacity per wheel is measured and regulated, so there are no unwanted forces on the frame and the traction is always perfect.
  • Automatic crate changer: the crates are automatically rotated, so that the buffer of empty crates is efficiently transformed into a buffer of full crates.
  • Perfect plant sealing: the patented ‘NOGAP’ system of brushes ensures that the plants are perfectly sealed, so that all berries are caught and do not end up on the ground.
  • Filter function: before the berries end up in the crate, they pass through an air stream that filters out leaves and twigs from the harvest.
  • Internet connection: the machine has an internet connection allowing it to be continually monitored. This allows the current status of the capacity, the machine parts, and the harvesting data (kg per hour, kg per bush, kg per row, etc.) as well as the position of the machine in the field to be constantly monitored.
  • Li-ion battery: the latest battery technology makes it possible to work without a smelly or polluting generator. The system is extremely efficient and consumes very little energy, which makes the machine environmentally friendly too.
  • Flexible transition: the blueberries can be harvested in any way possible, whether it’s manual picking, manual shaking, or mechanical shaking. In the coming years, Fine Field will be setting up new programmes to continue to develop and optimize efficient harvesting techniques.